WhatsApp Dare Video video games, Quiz, Puzzle, Kiss, Marry, Kill [HOT]

whatsappYou need to play funny video video games in your Smartphone? Then again you can’t choose between the entire ones apps? We will be able to show you the funniest video video games that can be carried out on WhatsApp. The most productive dare video video games, puzzles, emoticon video video games, quiz video video games. All this will also be carried out on WhatsApp, because of there is a lot you can do with WhatsApp than just texting. Merely make a choice one of our video video games from the collection or check out they all. All of the ones WhatsApp Video video games may well be fun, and in addition you received’t want to download an extra App. Have fun!

WhatsApp Video video games Collection

This is our record of the funniest video video games you can play on WhatsApp. Dare Video video games, Texting Video video games, Quiz, Emoticon Video video games. Merely make a choice one from the collection.

WhatsApp Dare Video video games

WhatsApp Dare Video video games are great to play with other folks you in fact consider. Your pal may well be asked to choose a number, color or letter and it has a dare behind it. Regardless of letter, color or amount they make a choice, he or she will have to perform that dare. What’s going to or now not it is?

WhatsApp Dare 1 To 9:

Select any amount from 1 to 9 and I’ll tell your dare ???? , Resolution must and Speedy ????

1. Date me
2. Send me a voice understand pronouncing you prefer me in 3 romantic techniques and keep our
establish to your status
3. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
4. How do you describe me a minimum of six line?
5. Hug me while you meet me next
6. Write your and my establish to your status for 1 day!
7. Title me and say my establish in a loud voice!
8. Send me a p.c of you dressed in the slightest degree clothes on you
9. Be my one day bf or gf ????

WhatsApp Dare A To Z :

Select any amount from 1 to 27 and I’ll tell your dare ???? , Resolution must and Speedy ????
A. Send a voice understand pronouncing that You are curious about me.
B. Give me a maintain
C. Overlook about me ????
D. Tell me a secret about you ????
E. Delete my amount :/
F. Make my symbol your dp for one day
G. Send me a picture of your legs
H. Who am I for You?
I. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
J. Don’t be in contact to me for 1 day :O
K. Request from me out
L. Send me your latest symbol
M. What used to be as soon as your secret?
N. What’s your personal secret?
O. Send me a voice understand pronouncing my establish in a loud voice!
P. Tell me one factor you always wanted to say then again you couldn’t
Q. Write ma establish in your status pronouncing you prefer me..!!
R. Be my slave for 2 days
S. Write your phone amount to your status for 1 day!! B)
T. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
U. Voice clip me pronouncing I wanna transfer crazy
V. Tell me one issue you’ve got under no circumstances urged any individual B)
W. What’s in your ideas
X. Describe me with a single Movie establish
Y. How do you in finding me?
Z. Send a picture of your weigh down

We actually have a upper choice of dare video video games, with video video games up to 54 numbers! You in finding it proper right here. HAVE FUN!

Guess The Movie: Emoji Model

In this game you will have to guess the movie identify based totally most effective on the emoji emoticons. Then again you can moreover make some movie emoticons by yourself an see what selection of movement footage the other can guess. You are able to play this game with as many buddies as you want. We moreover made you some examples. Make a choice your favorite and have fun!

which movie emoticon

Kiss, Marry, Kill:

This game is gorgeous easy to play, then again hard to choose. First, you’ve got will have to tell three names on your pal (buddies, celebraties, lecturers, and so forth.). Now he has to choose, whom he would moderately marry, kiss or kill. So, be careful while giving them names. If there is no smartness in giving the names, it will permit them to choose what to do merely. So that you are going to need to try to give names, where your pal cannot make a choice merely. This can be one of the best staff video video games. Play it and have fun.

Movie Traces

This game is very good for people, who watch a lot of movement footage. The topic of this game is to amplify conversations by means of using movie lines best possible. You are able to moreover make this game harder, by means of tricky your friends to talk with each and every different by means of merely using movement footage in line with what you prefer. You are able to make a choice a method or your favorite actress or actor and get began conversations with lines of their movement footage. So, let’s transfer and play this cool WhatsApp Game with your friends.

WhatsApp Love Video video games for Lovers

Here is a game that can be carried out by means of lovers or in fact good buddies.
Question: Choose a middle and I can tell you your feelings
WhatsApp Love Game
1. You play with others heart
2. You can be in a sweet relationship that may under no circumstances end
3. You are prepared to your buddies more than your lover…
4. You care & love your partner, then again you don’t wish to show your feelings to him/her
5. You are prepared to your lover deeply
6. You give importance to money and not to love
7. You can get married on your true lover.
8. You hate love. Then again your long run will put you in actual love
9. You are selfish and self loving
10. Your partner loves you deeply and you’re going to be with every other without end


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