Hell is Real Blue NC in the Test Bluetooth headset with Noise-canceling function

teufel-real-blue-nc-05-min Hell is Real Blue NC in the Test Bluetooth headset with Noise-canceling function Technology Test  The newest addition to the Berlin-based Audio-tinkerer from hell is Real Blue NC – a wi-fi, i.e., by means of Bluetooth, powered Over-Ear headphones of the best possible magnificence. Among the Top Features of headphone, the lively noise cancellation that guarantees, even in noisy environments for undisturbed track enjoyment, in addition to an intuitive keep an eye on gadget that absolutely does away with mechanical buttons. We have checked out the new Bluetooth headphones from the area of the satan is extra correct and let you know whether or not it is price purchasing.

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Processing & Feel

In phrases of processing it to droop when the satan Real Blue NC not anything. The headphones are – because it is of the satan no longer another way – superb and blank. The plastic casing makes a tough affect and divulges no negligence. The very comfortable material and protein leather-covered ear pads, in mixture with the reasonable touch force for a safe are compatible and hours of listening excitement with out the headache. The headphones from different producers have a tendency to workout for longer classes of use unsightly force round the ear. The satan is Real Blue NC this is no longer the case. With a weight of 260 grams is a part of the headphones to the lighter selection. As effectively as the ear cups is additionally a foldable bracket on the apex of well-padded, in order that after a while, no unsightly force on the head to really feel that. Thanks to the extendable rail and the rotatable earcups of the Real Blue NC can also be positioned at virtually any head measurement. To sweaty ears it got here up in the context of our Test, because of the just right air flow .

teufel-real-blue-nc-01 Hell is Real Blue NC in the Test Bluetooth headset with Noise-canceling function Technology Test

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Operation & Features

In the operation of the satan Real Blue NC white in reality Shine. Where different producers usually mechanical buttons, and the satan will come with an intuitive contact keep an eye on on the proper ear-Cup. The benefit: no traumatic Search for the keys, and no loud clicking noise when working. By typing and swiping on my iPhone the Songs get started and forestall, quantity up and down or between songs soar from side to side. With an extended force of the finger on the ear Cup to turn on in addition, Apple’s voice assistant Siri. All of this to paintings correctly and permits the same old button controls really nice glance outdated. Practical: The built-in speakerphone function permits telephone calls on the headphones. The Pairing with the iPhone is fast and easy by means of the press of a button by means of Bluetooth on the proper of the handset. The Bluetooth vary is first rate 10 meters.

teufel-real-blue-nc-04-min Hell is Real Blue NC in the Test Bluetooth headset with Noise-canceling function Technology Test

In addition to the wi-fi track switch by means of Bluetooth, the devil-headphone non-compulsory with the provided 3.5 mm connection cable to attach. This is particularly helpful if the headset battery is empty and there is no energy supply in the neighborhood. Annoying compelled breaks in the track there is to listen to right here. Speaking of the battery: According to the satan holds the Real Blue NC in Bluetooth operation with lively noise suppression of as much as 23 hours by means of a substantial price. Without the ANC Feature, there are nonetheless 30 hours. Without noise relief and with cable as much as 60 hours of track to even pay attention it.

A Highlight is the satan Real Blue NC is, no doubt, the lively noise cancellation (ANC). Behind it is the so-called Hybrid Noise Cancelling generation. This guarantees that consistent exterior noise similar to in trains or in plane hidden. For this, small microphones on the Inside and the out of doors of the headphones, which the worrying file out of doors noise and segment offset. This works particularly at low frequencies similar to engine noise really well. High-frequencies similar to voices, then again, are filtered much less effectively. The track, the Sound is heard via the Noise-Cancelling – no less than in our Perception – is no longer adversely affected.

teufel-real-blue-nc-02 Hell is Real Blue NC in the Test Bluetooth headset with Noise-canceling function Technology Test


Sound you get with the Real Blue NC the devil-typical High-End Sound: a blank, heat and punchy Bass, with out the sound symbol in the low frequencies. The MIDs and highs are delightful, balanced, tidy , and no longer overemphasized. Overall, the headphones with a clear and detailed sound symbol. Thanks to the low impedance of the iPhone correct, are volumes, conceivable for all, let it Rip with out distortion. A selected track Genre most well-liked the Real Blue NC. So he delivered in the framework of our Test for a compelling Sound, each in the case of Metal, Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie-Pop and electro and classical track. The track switch by means of Bluetooth, does the nice sound high quality in Other respects, no longer detract from, and is offered each with cable and with out cable of prime quality.


The satan is Real Blue NC has us satisfied all alongside the line. Noteworthy are in specific the excellent convenience, bearing in mind hours-long listening classes, the leading edge and noiseless keep an eye on in addition to the efficient noise suppression for undisturbed track enjoyment. The headphones is also the maximum numerous kinds of track with an actual, clear and well-balanced Sound . Additional Features, similar to non-compulsory cable operation, lengthy battery lifestyles, in addition to the incorporated top quality puppy provider spherical off the general certain affect. The value is the Real Blue NC (SRP at 229.99 €) don’t seem to be precisely reasonable, provides track fans for the cash, however nice Features.

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  • Very just right workmanship
  • High Wearing Comfort
  • Very Good Sound
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Innovative Control
  • Long Battery Life
  • Optional Cable Operation


  • No

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Danalock V3: the smart door lock in HomePackage set up

In the 2nd a part of the Danalock, I want to display you the way simple the setup of the Danalock.

danalock-v3-homekit Danalock V3: the smart door lock in HomePackage set up iPad iPhone News Test

The Danalock is a V3 with HomePackage is now since a couple of weeks with me. In my first article about the Installation at the door, have me many famous that of the cylinder to the outdoor isn’t thus far via. Yes, this is me acutely aware of it. For my door, the cylinder is if truth be told wrong. I will re-install my previous cylinder and a key consistent with.

  • Danalock is a V3 with HomePackage and cylinder for 248,90 Euro at Gravis (the Online Shop ^(http://partners.webmasterplan.com/click.asp?ref=549648&site=7075&type=text&tnb=14&diurl=https%3A//www.gravis.de/index.php%3Fcl%3Ddetails%26anid%3D133799))

But now we come to the tool with HomePackage. Anyone who has HomePackage gadgets in use, you’ll know that the configuration is a breeze. In the Home App on a brand new tool, provides your, scans the HomePackage-Code with the digital camera and the Danalock is saved in HomePackage. You will even designate an area and a couple of choices.

(YouTube-Link, . YouTube)

To view the battery standing can, in addition, you’ll specify whether or not the Smart Lock is to be displayed in the favorites. Under “Status and notifications” you’ll flip this on or off and specify whether or not to Push to at all times, or now not be despatched if a Person is provide.

As I stated: The tool by means of the Home App is a no brainer. Settings there aren’t many, some should be proper at the door lock. Here, the adjustment is made, you’ll additionally specify whether or not the door latch to be moved or now not.

home-app-danalock Danalock V3: the smart door lock in HomePackage set up iPad iPhone News Test

A couple of General notes to HomePackage: you’ll have your door lock, after all, by means of Siri, and Siri turns out a little bit silly. “Lock the door” does not perceive Siri merely, “lock the door”. Which sucks a little bit. In addition, Siri plays the locking operation provided that the iPhone is unlocked.

In addition, I’ve created two easy Automation: “When I depart the condo, lock the door.” and “When I arrive at house, lock the door.” The location isn’t decided via the iPhone, wherein the ultimate procedure works utterly mechanically, however should be launched.

danalock-homekit Danalock V3: the smart door lock in HomePackage set up iPad iPhone News Test

Because the Home-App is in a position to hit upon at an early degree, if one approaches the own residence. If the lock would in an instant shut mechanically, can be my entrance door 5 mins prior to the Arriving open – and no one desires that. The Home App on the iPhone in advance a pop-up that it’s a must to ascertain it, in order that the ultimate procedure is brought about. Therefore, it’s not “arms loose” in his condo, however should at all times try for the iPhone.

I’ve Danalock is a pleasant conventional variant with Bluetooth approach get. This I’m going to additionally watch this, as a result of right here, you’ll additionally use the Danalock App to make use of. What are the probabilities for this are conceivable and the way the lock fails in the long-term check, I can let you know quickly.

Danalock (Free, App Store) →

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0jcq-7RtDR8 Danalock V3: the smart door lock in HomePackage set up iPad iPhone News Test