Camera Roll pictures out of order after iOS 11 upgrade

After upgrading the iOS model to iOS 11 many customers discovered an traumatic trojan horse within the Apple merchandise, is after they opened “Camera Roll” album, the pictures are now not in chronological order or out of date series. Photos from 3 years in the past are showing as my most up-to-date pictures! This is this sort of large drawback for customers who’re saving hundreds of pictures of their iphone. Unfathomably traumatic. However all pictures appear to be in chronological order when accessed by the use of the “Photos” tab.  The drawback is even reported with Apple newest unencumber of iOS11.0.3 with none repair for the problem. You can check out under fixes to resolve the pictures out of series factor.

iOS 11 digicam roll pictures now not in chronological order. 

Camera Roll pictures out of order

Fix 1: Hard reset

Hard reset the telephone and the pictures within the digicam roll are again to time series order.

Fix 2: Duplicate digicam roll pictures

It comes to deciding on the pictures out of order after which duplicating them. Obliviously, you want to replica them in the right kind order so as to add to the ground of the roll. Seeing as my pictures had been simply divided at a definite level in 2017, it did not take lengthy for me. The most effective factor I misplaced had been burst pictures I didn’t save within the burst. Everything else together with are living pictures, video, panoramas, and many others. copied.

Fix : Update iphone interior question

Before you get started)
Back up your telephone


Make positive Photos is working to your iPhone

Download iMazing or an identical

Connect iPhone to Mac by the use of USB

In the sidebar choose your telephone

Click File System > Media > PhotoData

Select Photos.sqlite and Copy to Mac at backside

Find the document you might have simply copied

First, keep a copy of it in a separate location in case of emergency


Open Terminal

At the instructed kind

$ sqlite3

You must see your SQLite model indexed

Type .open on the sqlite> instructed, then drag the Photos.sqlite document from Finder to the sqlite> instructed, then hit Enter:

sqlite> .open /Users/yourname/Desktop/Photos.sqlite

To take a look at that you have opened the document correctly, kind .tables and hit input. You must see an inventory of information beginning with Z, which is what you need.

At the instructed once more, paste in:

UPDATE zgenericasset SET zaddeddate = zdatecreated WHERE zaddeddate>0 AND zdirectory LIKE ‘DCIM%’;

Hit input. There must be a slight, 1 2d lengthen sooner than you spot the sqlite> instructed once more. This approach the question is operating, which is excellent. You must additionally see the Modified date for the sqlite document trade in Finder

Finally, kind .save Photos.sqlite and hit Enter (now not in truth positive if that is essential or does anything else, however I did it when I used to be a hit)

Quit Terminal, clicking Close at the caution window


Go again to iMazing into the PhotoData folder

I made a ‘backup’ of the prevailing Photos.sqlite via renaming it to previousPhotos.sqlite

Copy over the changed Photos.sqlite out of your Mac

Quit iMazing

Force surrender the Photos app

Reopen Photos

Hopefully, your pictures shall be in order!