Fix iPhone common issues by replace iPhone PCB chips

Today, we’re going to introduce iPhone replaceable IC, so you’ll be able to repair iPhone common issues by replace iPhone chips on iPhone motherboard.  As we all know, iPhone runs on many IC combos, Some broken iPhone IC won’t have a large have an effect on, however maximum iPhone chips can immediately impact the iPhone, even leaving it not able to paintings. So, you need to know what iPhone chips canbe repalced!

The%2Bmost%2Bpractical%2B%2526%2Bprofessional%2Bapple%2Brepair%2Btools-02_proc Fix iPhone common issues by replace iPhone PCB chips Apps iPhone News Technology

1. iPhone Mid Frequency IC digicam flash keep an eye on IC

5S blue display screen IC 4pin U6
5S/6 show 20pin 65730
6 disply 9pin 3638
6 gentle keep an eye on ic 12pin DY
5/5S gentle keep an eye on ic 12pin DZ
6/6S fingerprints gentle keep an eye on 9pin  3638
5S/6 digicam flash keep an eye on 20pin 64A1
5/5C digicam flash keep an eye on 16pin
6S / 6SP gentle keep an eye on 16pin 3539 (again gentle)
4S RTT8605
5 RTT8600
5C/5S WTR1605L
6 WTR1625L
6 fingerprints IC 4pin
6S fingerprints IC 5pin
7/ 7P gentle keep an eye on 16pin 3539 (again gentle)
7 IC WTR4905 1VV
6S IC WTR3925
WTR4905 0VV
6s/6sp 9pin fingerprints U4040 IC 

2. iPhone Touch Screen Controller Chip

iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 6 6P contact display screen keep an eye on IC, White / Black iphone Touch Control IC For iphone 4 4S 5 5S 6 6P,

iphone 4 contact IC
iphone 4S contact IC 343S05338
iphone 5/5C contact IC White BCM5976C
iphone 5 contact IC Black 343S0628
iphone 5S contact IC Black 343S0645
iphone 6 contact IC White BCM5976
iphone 6 contact IC Black 343S0694
iphone 6P contact IC White
iphone 6P contact IC Black
iphone 6/6P energy ic U2403
iphone 5S IC White BCM5976
7/7plus -touch display screen keep an eye on IC- motherboard -short
7/7plus – contact display screen keep an eye on IC – Screen – lengthy

3. iPhone NAND Flash (16G/32G/64G/128G/256G)

The Default iphone Nand with unlocked SN code, and take away bypass locked identity. if you want repair Nand error or improve Nand garage,  will have to write the similar SN quantity at the nand.

NAND Flash LGA50, 32bit
E2NAND Flash LGA60, 64bit

4.  iPhone wifi module IC

iPhone wifi WLAN Bluetooth module IC for iphone 4s 5 5S 5C 6, iPhone 4S 5 5S 6S 7 WIFI Module and Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement IC,

iphone 4 339S0092
iphone 4S 339S0154
iphone 5 Wifi 339S0171
iphone 5S/5C Wifi 339S0205
iphone 6/6p Wifi 339S0228
iphone 6s/6sp Wifi 339S00043
iphone 6s/6sp Wifi  339S00033
iphone 6/6p Wifi   *0242
iphone 7  Wifi *00199 / 339S00199

5. iPhone diode IC Coil Filters IC

iphone Logic Board Motherboard Backlight Repair IC, Backlight Diode and Coil D1501 L1503 T5301 L240 for iphone

6S/6SP  D4021 Back-light Boost Diode
6S/6SP  D4020 Back Light Diode
6S/6SP  L4021 Backlight Boost Coil
6S/6SP  L4020 Back Light Coil
6 giant L1503 Backlight LED Coil
6 4pin T5301 4 pin ic capacitance
6 D1501/1589 diode
6 L2401 Capacitor inductor IC
6 L1519 Back Light Coil

6. iPhone Power Drive Control IC

iPhone USB Data Charging Power Control IC Chip,

iphone 4 338S0867 / 338S0822
iphone 4s 338S0973
iphone 5  338S1131-B2
iphone 5C  338S1164-B2
iphone 5S  338S1216-A2
iphone 6/4.7  338S1251-AZ
iphone 6P  338S1251
iphone 4S small energy PM8028
iphone 5/5C/5S small energy PM8018
iphone 6/6p small energy PM8019
iphone 6s giant energy IC
iphone 6s baseband energy
6s small energy PMD9635 IC
7/7P small energy IC PMD9645
7/7P giant Power IC
7/7P 338S00225-A1 PMD9645 Baseband Power

7. iPhone giant small Audio IC

4 0589
4S 0987
5 giant Audio 1117
5 small Audio 1077
5C giant Audio 1116
5S/6 giant Audio 1201
5S/6 small Audio 1202
5 giant Audio 1117
6S small Audio1285
6S/7 giant Audio 00105
7/7P Small Audio 00220
7/7P Big Audio 338S00105
6 U1601 small Audio

8.  iPhone  CPU(A8 A9 A10 A11

A4 Complete (double-deck)
A5 higher lid
A5 Complete (double-deck)
A6 higher lid
A6 Complete (double-deck)
A7 higher lid
A7 Complete (double-deck)
A8 higher lid
A8 Complete (double-deck)
A9 higher lid
A9 Complete (double-deck)
iPhone 7 A10 higher lid
7P A10 higher lid

9. iPhone gentle keep an eye on IC

6 9pin gentle keep an eye on U1503 3638
6 12pin gentle keep an eye on U1502/1508 (DY)
6 20pin Display U1501
6P 20pin Display IC AS3923
5/5S/6 12pin gentle keep an eye on U1502 (DZ)
5/5C 20pin Display U3
6S/SE gentle keep an eye on 3539
7/7P 16pin gentle keep an eye on 3539
6S/7 20pin Display 65730

10. iPhone U2 USB Charging IC
for iPhone 5 5S 6 U2 IC 7 6S USB keep an eye on IC charging IC 1608A1 1610A2 1610A3

1608A1:  iphone 5
1610A1:  iphone 55S
1610A2:  iphone 5 6 / 6 Plus
1610A3: iphone 5 6S/ 6S Plus
68803: iphone 5 9PIN
68815: iphone 6 / 6 Plus 9 PIN
SN2400B0: iphone 6 / 6 Plus 35 PIN
SN2400ABO: iphone 6S / 6S Plus 35 PIN
610A3B: iphone 7

Free solution to fix iPhone 8 common issues–appleglory/battery/earpiece

After the use of iPhone 8 for some time, some issues are rising, similar to iPhone appleglory repair, iPhone battery swelling, battery existence, earpiece crackling, 3-D contact factor, ect.  These all are the common problems, so it will be important to understand how to fix it. Here are loose answers to fix those problems.

Professional%2Bmobile%2Bphone%2Brepair%2Bstation_proc Free solution to fix iPhone 8 common issues--appleglory/battery/earpiece Apps iPhone News Technology

1. appleglory repair downside

Sometimes, the iPhone 8 will get caught updating appleglory Settings. If you might be dealing with this downside, please create a neighborhood backup to your pc, after which repair the backup to your iPhone 8. Then you want to press and  hang down the facility button and quantity down till it reboots itslef. Once it reboots, take a look at the method once more.

2. Swelling battery downside

The iPhone 8 plus battery swelling up and reasons the display to detach from the software major unit is a common factor that has effects on customers all over the world. For this downside, you’ll be able to substitute the brand new iPhone battery or touch the Apple.

3. Battery existence downside

Not simply iPhone 8 has this downside, acctually, maximum mobile phone all has this downside. It is common that iPhone battery issues, similar to ordinary battery drain. There are two causes to purpose this factor, one is hardware downside, the opposite is programs and device. For hardware issues, you want ship it to skilled guyd to fix it. For device and Apps downside, you’ll be able to take a look at to restart iPhone, use low energy mode, arrange Appls and so forth.

4. Crackling earpiece downside

Maybe you could have spotted that crackling earpiece throughout calls,a repetitive, intermittent static sound or distortion that makes it tricky to pay attention accurately throughout customary and FaceTime calls. When you might be dealing with this downside, the very first thing you want to do is reboot iPhone 8. If it isn’t operating, please take a look at receiver to be certain it isn’t blocked. Or looking forward to device updates.

5. Frozen computer screen or 3-D contact issues

Sometime, the iPhone 8 computer screen is unresponsive, the very first thing to do is reboot it.Hold down the Sleep/Wake button after which slide to energy off, assuming it really works. Press the Sleep/Wake button to flip it again on once more.If you need to reset it, please again your iPhone 8 first. About 3-D contact downside, you want to regulate the sensitivity of the serve as to higher meet your wishes. Go to  Settings > General > Accessibility > scroll down to 3-D Touch and faucet.

6. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues

If the iPhone 8 cannt attach to wifi, you’ll be able to reboot the router, reset community settings for iPhone 8,or restart iPhone. If some of these steps can not paintings, possibly you want to touch Apple or ship it to the telephone restore store. The Bluetooth downside additionally is tricky to remedy identical to wifi, however you’ll be able to take a look at to re-reconnect it or reset the iPhone.

7. Overhearting downside

It’s now not unusual for digital merchandise to overheat. Sometimes, whilst you operating a number of Apps or play video games for your iPhone, the iPhone gets heat and even very popular. However, if it will get too sizzling, the iPhone 8 is designed to disable sure options, just like the flash, show a temperature caution on display, and close itself off. The reason why for overheating is as a result of iPhone CPU can not burn up warmth in time. In this time, you want to get your iPhone to leisure, till it settle down. Or you’ll be able to reboot your iPhone, flip off location services and products, even  repair it.