How to Upgrade any Jailbroken Device to iOS 11.1.2 with Blobs

How to Upgrade any Jailbroken Device to iOS 11.1.2 with Blobs? Thanks to @ProAppleOS, who has shared this element means on Twitter, however he additionally reminds all customers want to take personal chance once they upgrading. Here it’s:
a Mac (or digital Machine) on macOS 10.12.6 
a Jailbroken Device
SHSH Blobs for iOS 11.1.2
All jailbreaked instrument will have to make stronger tweak NonceSet

Download iOS 11.1.2 firmware on 3uTools, right here:
Download THIS fork from futurerestore (
(Optional: obtain Reiboot

1. Create a folder on Desktop and identify it Upgrade,  put all recordsdata into this folder as beneath:

  • Open futurerestore_macos folder and put the document futurerestore_macos 
  • Put the iOS 11.1.2 firmware and copy your SHSH2 blob from iOS 11.1.2 in Upgrade folder
2. Rename your Blob identify to blob.plist and click on use .plist and click on input from the pop-up.
Open your SHSH Blob. Scroll to the very backside and you can see an extended string of characters this is SIMILAR to 0x28tf5c185sj9, however no longer similar.
3. Add this Cydia repo in your instrument (
4. Search for NonceSet. Download and set up.
After you opened NonceSet it will have to appear to be this:

Now put the lengthy String (Nonce) you discovered throughout the Blob at the Mac ahead of within the
 boot-nonce: phase
Click go back on iPhone keyboard and also you will have to see this:
Nonce (xxxxxxxxxxx) has been sucessfully set. The xxxx is the nonce you discovered within the blob

5. Download & set up MTerminal in Cydia, and open MTerminal app at the Homescreen.
Type nvram auto-boot=false. Type Reboot
Now it will have to restart and cross into Recovery Mode
NOTE:  If you made a decision input Normal Mode you wish to have to use Reiboot obtain, set up & open it, then click on on Exit Recovery Mode.
6. Close the your SHSH Blob document (don´t alternate the rest throughout the blob document)
7.Rename your blob to blob.shsh2
8. A popup will seem, click on use .shsh2

9. Now you’re all set on your Upgrade! Now you will have this within the Upgrade folder on Desktop:
iOS 11.1.2 IPSW firmware

Upgrade Process:
Open Terminal
write cd (drag your Downgrade folder into Terminal) and input
kind ls and input
now you will have to see the entire recordsdata to your Upgrade folder
drag futurerstore_macos document into terminal and click on input (you will have to see quite a lot of instructions)
write this
./futurerestore_macos -t (drag blob) –latest-sep –latest-baseband (drag iphone11.1.2.ipsw)
Plug your Device in
Unlock your Device
CROSS FINGERS AND click on Enter in Terminal
Now it will have to paintings, wait about 5-10 Minutes. 
Done, revel in your jailbreak 
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