iPhone 7 Plus no service error – Fix iPhone baseband CPU

 When iPhone 7 Plus is became on, but it surely cannot make the telephone calls, becasue the iPhone 7P has no service.  After test the iPhone, we discovered it’s iPhone baseband CPU porblem, we will be able to repair it. 

Check iPhone 7 Plus once more,  dialing the *#06#, there are no IMEI seems on iPhone visual display unit. Check Settings on iPhone, there are IM and Modem Firmware numbers. After reset the iPhone community settings,  the issue nonetheless there.

Open the WUXINJI Dongle, after which evaluate with the iPhone schematic diagram and iPhone motherboard bitmap to measure the iPhone circuit line energy provide. After size, all energy provide at the iPhone baseband energy examined are standard, we wish to re-install the iPhone baseband CPU.
Because it is vitally as regards to major CPU, we wish to do a heating insulation for the CPU. Use QUICK 861DW sizzling air transform station to warmth iPhone CPU for some time, after which use BGA graver to softly take away the glue. We can take away the inductor at the proper facet fist after which insert the blade, or we will be able to insert the blade within the slotwe would higher make a selection the skinny blade. When heated it with sizzling air gun, we blow from the facet of the CPU to the cardboard slot. When we wish to pay it, we will be able to choose an element across the baseband as a reference, and when the tin of reference starts to soften, we will be able to begin to pry into the baseband.

There are many empty at the iPhone baseband CPU, practice it underneath the Stereo Zoom Microscope, after which evaluate it with iPhone bitmap, there are lots of pins lacking. Apply some decrease temperature solder paste at the solder pad, after which soldering the iPhone baseband CPU with solder paste and glue, set up it to the iPhone motherboard. After the iPhone motherboard is cooled, use virtual multimeter to check whether or not the peripheral elements short-circuit, so you’ll decide whether or not the chip has been put in intact.
Install the iPhone 7 Plus, activate iPhone, now the sign is again, the service is standard.