LG rebranding year-old LG G6 with ‘ThinQ’ (Update: LG confirms it was an error)

Untitled-5-840x434 LG rebranding year-old LG G6 with ‘ThinQ’ (Update: LG confirms it was an error) android  LG ^(http://www.lg.com/ca_en/cell-phones/lg-LGH873-Black)

Update 5/22/2018 at 12:22 P.M. EST: We reached out to an LG rep once we wrote this newsletter, and feature in spite of everything gained a reaction. It seems that this rebranding of the LG G6 was merely a large mistake. If you talk over with the Canadian pages connected underneath, all ThinQ branding surrounding the LG G6 is long gone.

According to Puneet Jain — who’s the pinnacle of promoting at LG Electronics Canada — the addition of “ThinQ” to the LG G6 product title was “added in error and has since been got rid of.”

LG didn’t give to any extent further detailed rationalization of ways an error of this magnitude befell. However, it was an error and we most likely received’t see the ThinQ branding at the LG G6 anymore.

Original Article: When LG introduced that the follow-up to the LG G6 could be referred to as the LG G7 ThinQ, many had been confused. Why no longer simply name it the LG G7? What does “ThinQ” even imply? How does one pronounce “ThinQ” – is it “suppose” or “skinny queue”?

LG had additionally introduced that it would fairly improve the LG V30 and unencumber it underneath the title LG V30S ThinQ, which likewise left us scratching our heads.

Well, it seems there’s no lead to sight for the ThinQ rebranding as a result of the Canadian LG web site ^(http://www.lg.com/ca_en/cell-phones/lg-LGH873-Platinum) now lists the year-old LG G6 because the LG G6 ThinQ. Is this an oversight, or is LG going to slowly rebrand any telephone that it ThinQs thinks must have the ThinQ title?

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Normally, we’d simply think that this can be a record error, i.e. any person mistakenly typed within the ThinQ moniker once they shouldn’t have. However, the picture on the most sensible of this newsletter has the ThinQ branding in it. That means that this isn’t a typing error, however a mindful rebranding of the tool.

Solidifying our idea much more, each the Canadian English web site and the French Canadian model ^(http://www.lg.com/ca_fr/telephones-mobiles/decouvrez-le-g6) display the brand new LG G6 ThinQ record. If that is only a record mistake, it’s a hell of a mix-up.

We reached out to an LG rep to look if that is in reality a rebrand or just a internet record error. We’ll replace this newsletter must they reply.

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