How to reply to or forward messages in Mail on macOS High Sierra

With Mail on macOS High Sierra, it’s simple to reply to or forward messages. And if the message accommodates attachments, you’ll come with them if you want. Here’s how:

Select a message in the message listing. To come with only a portion of the unique message in your reply, make a selection the textual content to come with. If you choose the highest message in a dialog, the entire messages in the dialog are decided on.

Move the pointer over the message header, then click on the Reply button (to reply to simply the sender), the Reply All button (to reply to the sender and the opposite recipients), or Forward button (to make a choice new recipients). You can upload or take away recipients as wanted

Message+header How to reply to or forward messages in Mail on macOS High Sierra Apple

Next, upload your textual content. If you integrated the unique message, vertical bars (known as citation bars) might seem subsequent to it. You could make your textual content seem as quotations if you want. To upload citation bars to your textual content, make a choice Format > Quote Level > Increase or Format > Quote Level > Decrease. This additionally adjustments the quote stage at which decided on textual content seems. to paste textual content as quoted textual content, make a choice Edit > Paste as Quotation. 

If the unique message contained attachments, come to a decision whether or not to come with them. To come with attachments in a reply: Click the Include Attachment button  in the toolbar of the message window or make a choice Edit > Attachments > Include Original Attachments in Reply.

To exclude attachments from a reply, click on the Exclude Attachment button in the toolbar of the message window or make a choice Message > Remove Attachments. while you’re in a position, click on the Send button.

If you favor to all the time disregard the unique message out of your replies, make a choice Mail > Preferences, click on Composing, then deselect “Quote the textual content of the unique message.”

(This how-to is primarily based on my reviews and data on Apple’s enhance pages — the place the pictures occasionally come from.)

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