How To Make KDE Apps Look Normal On Gnome With The Adwaita-Qt theme

Linux has a big collection of open supply programs written with a ton of various toolkits. These toolkits are steadily referred to through title locally (GTK and Qt). These two frameworks glance hugely other from every different, and it reasons some inconsistencies inside of desktop issues. Over the years many have attempted to unravel this. On Qt-based desktop environments (like KDE Plasma) there’s a theme that makes GTK/Gnome-like programs glance extra at house. It turns available in the market’s additionally an effort to make Qt programs glance much less alien on GTK desktops as smartly. It’s all completed with the Adwaita-Qt theme.

In this text, we’ll educate you the right way to obtain and set up Adwaita-Qt. Additionally, we’ll move over the right way to follow it for Qt programs on all fashionable GTK Linux desktop environments.

Install Git

Start out through putting in the Git package deal in your working formula. You’ll additionally wish to set up cmake and feature the Qt framework.


sudo apt set up git cmake qt5* lxqt-config


sudo apt-get set up git cmake qt5* lxqt-config

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S git cmake qt5-base lxqt-config


sudo dnf set up git cmake qtbase5-common-devel qt5-qtbase-devel lxqt-config


sudo zypper set up git cmake lxqt-config

sudo zypper set up patterns-openSUSE-devel_qt5

Other Linuxes

The Adwaita-Qt theme on Github is uncompiled supply code. As a consequence, it’ll run on the rest with the suitable gear. The gear had to collect this code are Cmake, Qtfive building libraries, and Git. Additionally, you’ll wish to set up the LXQt Config app, to briefly follow the theme to Qt programs.

Open up a terminal and use the package deal supervisor to seek for “qt5 building”, “cmake”, “git”, and “lxqt-config”. Install those applications. If all of them set up effectively, you’ll be capable to construct the Adwaita-Qt theme accurately.

Building Adwaita-Qt

adwaita-qt-2 How To Make KDE Apps Look Normal On Gnome With The Adwaita-Qt theme tips

Start out the construct procedure through the use of the git device to grasp the supply code the use of clone.

git clone

Enter the newly cloned adwaita-qt folder the use of the CD command.

cd adwaita-qt

At this level, you’ll wish to make a construct folder for the Cmake builder device. With mkdir, create the brand new construct folder inside of ~/adwaita-qt.

mkdir construct

Move from adwaita-qt to the construct sub-folder.

cd construct

Use the Cmake device to configure the code, and generate the development information.


Now comes the compiling phase. In the terminal, run the make command.


Running make must take some time, so let the terminal be. You’ll see numerous strains move through, because the compiler places Adwaita-Qt in combination. The compiler will whole when the terminal allows you to kind once more.

The ultimate a part of the compiling procedure is set up. To set up Adwaita-Qt system-wide, run the set up command with sudo.

sudo make set up

Alternatively, set up the Adwaita-Qt theme for a unmarried person through casting off sudo. Installing the theme as a unmarried person signifies that the Adwaita-Qt theme must be re-installed for every person that wishes get entry to to it.

make set up

Enabling Adwaita-Qt

lxqt-adwaita-qt How To Make KDE Apps Look Normal On Gnome With The Adwaita-Qt theme tips

Adwaita-Qt isn’t a GTK theme. Instead, it’s Qt in nature. Since the theme is Qt and now not GTK, not one of the fashionable desktops have a option to follow it. It is on account of this that previous within the information we put in lxqt-config. This device is an very important a part of the LXQt desktop. However, it really works just about anyplace.

Launch the LXQT-Config device through urgent Alt + F2 and typing in lxqt-config within the advised.

Inside the config device, search for “Appearance” and click on on it. If the Adwaita-Qt theme constructed accurately, it must display up within the listing. Click on it to inform the formula to make use of it because the default Qt pores and skin.

Note: chances are you’ll wish to restart your PC for the adjustments to take complete impact.

After the config device applies the surface, release an utility for your Linux desktop that makes use of Qt and now not GTK. Confirm it’s the use of the proper theme. If the theme fails to use, return to lxqt-config and check out once more.

Disable The Theme

Adwaita-Qt does a very good activity at making Qt programs glance much less misplaced on desktop environments like Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, and many others. Still, in case you’re now not an enormous fan of this theme, it’s comprehensible. Not many of us select to stay with the Adwaita theme in choose of a customized one. If you’d love to disable the theme, it’s as simple as going again into lxqt-config.

Once inside of, make a selection the “Appearance” button, identical to ultimate time. To disable the theme, make a selection a special one (that isn’t Adwaita-Qt) to “disable it.” Then, open up a terminal and delete the source-code out of your house folder.

rm -rf ~/adwaita-qt

After switching off the theme in lxqt-config, Qt programs must now not be the use of Adwaita-Qt.

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