How to fix duplicate calendar notifications apple watch series 3

Apple watch 3 customers are going through factor with calendar invitation that they’re receiving duplicate notifications on their Apple watch. The factor is going on after iOS 11 and wathc OS 4.2 improve of iPhone and not anything like this was once taking place prior to that. Surprisingly the icon is a little bit other for every of the notifications. This is going on for  icloud and paintings calendars.

The Apple Watch environment to reflect the iPhone and You received’t obtain two signals at the iPhone however handiest at the Apple watch. This is truly worrying as person can have to transparent each those one by one. User whinge following :

-If you’ve gotten one notification at the iPhone than one at the watch

-Or two at the watch and none at the iPhone (this turns out to occur randomly…)

How to prevent duplicate calendar invitation in Apple watch 3 :

Step 1- Turn the notifications off for the calendar on each units

Step 2- Restart each the Apple Watch and the iPhone

Step 3- Turn the notifications again on for every instrument

Author: Apple Glory

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