How to Enter KDFU Mode Using Futurerestore?

If you need to downgrade, you wish to have to input KDFU mode.

Step 1 Before you function on Futurerestore, you wish to have to customise firmware to mean you can input Kdfu mode.

(1) After you obtain then unzip, release wndGui.exe.

As observe, click on the 3rd button “生成自制固件”to customise firmware. You will want custom designed firmware to input KDFU mode, please take into accout the place you put it aside. Then click on “继续” within the pink body to get started the method.

(2) The command window will get started to run as under. It will take a number of mins to end working. 
(3) Please wait patiently, after it’s completed, it’s going to create a brand new report at the trail you simply decided on. 
Step 2 Enter KDFU Mode

(1) After you jailbreak, set up Open SHSH and Core Utilities.

(2) Click Toolbox -> Open SSH Tunnel on 3uTools.

(3) Click the 6th button “进入KDFU” and make a selection the custom designed firmware you’re making on Step 1 to input KDFU mode.

Author: Apple Glory

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