How To Configure Razer Gaming Peripherals On Linux With Polychromatic

Do you could have Razer gaming hardware? Confused as to how you can configure Razer gaming peripherals on Linux laptop? If so, you’ll be within the Polychromatic instrument. It’s an entire graphical front-end instrument for Linux that may configure Razer gaming peripherals.

To set up the Polychromatic instrument, you wish to have to be operating the newest Razer tool drivers on Linux. Follow the directions underneath to discover ways to get them running.

Install OpenRazer And Polychromatic

openrazer-site How To Configure Razer Gaming Peripherals On Linux With Polychromatic tips

The OpenRazer motive force has plenty of enhance on Linux. No topic what Linux distribution you’re operating, there’s most probably a strategy to set up it. To get began, open up a terminal window and input the instructions that correspond on your running device.


Like maximum third-party device, OpenRazer  can also be put in on Ubuntu by means of a PPA. In the terminal window, use the add-apt-repository command so as to add the device supply.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openrazer/strong

Next, you’ll want to refresh Ubuntu’s device assets. Running a refresh is important, in a different way, Ubuntu received’t see the brand new PPA.

sudo apt replace

After updating, you’ll realize that apt says there are updates to be had. Install them with the improve command. Don’t skip this step, because it is very important. Without putting in crucial updates, Ubuntu would possibly not run Razer device in addition to it might.

sudo apt improve -y

Now that the entirety is up to the moment use the apt set up command to clutch the newest model of the OpenRazer drivers.

sudo apt set up openrazer-meta

Seeing mistakes when looking to set up OpenRazer? This error could also be because of the Universe device supply being disabled. Enable it with the next command:

sudo add-apt-repository universe

sudo apt replace

After the replace finishes, attempt to re-install OpenRazer with the command above.


Like Ubuntu, the device can also be put in by means of third-party device assets. Unfortunately, PPAs and Debian don’t cross really well in combination, so that you’ll want to do it the old fashioned approach.

First, use the echo command so as to add OpenRazer to Debian’s assets.checklist record.

Note: you’ll want to do that as root with su, or upload your self to the sudoer record.


echo 'deb /' > /and so forth/apt/assets.checklist.d/hardware:razer.checklist

The OpenRazer device supply is now in Debian. Next, it’s time to run the replace command, in order that the brand new device supply is out there.

sudo apt-get replace

Running apt-get replace every so often presentations updates which can be in a position to put in. Be certain to put in the updates in order that OpenRazer runs at it’s highest.

sudo apt-get improve

Lastly, set up the motive force with:

sudo apt-get set up openrazer-meta

With the brand new OpenRazer drivers running, end the entirety up by means of putting in Polychromatic:

echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.web/polychromatic/strong/ubuntu xenial primary" | sudo tee -a /and so forth/apt/assets.checklist.d/polychromatic.checklist
sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver 96B9CD7C22E2C8C5
sudo apt-get replace
sudo apt-get set up polychromatic

Arch Linux

OpenRazer is to be had to all Arch Linux customers by means of the Arch Linux person repository. To set up this device from the AUR, set up the Git bundle the use of the Pacman packaging instrument.

sudo pacman -S git

It can be vital to put in the base-devel bundle too (required for interacting with the AUR).

sudo pacman -S base-devel

Next, use the git command to drag the newest pkgbuild record of OpenRazer.

git clone

CD into the clone folder and get started the construct procedure with makepkg. Understand that development from the AUR is sensitive. Usually, the use of the -si flags set up all dependencies routinely. However, every so often, this fails. In this tournament, please discuss with the OpenRazer web page at the AUR and set up all dependent techniques manually.

With OpenRazer put in, transfer directly to putting in the Polychromatic app.

git clone

cd polychromatic

makepkg -si


Installing OpenRazer and PolyChromatic on Fedora is imaginable due to the Suse OBS. Start off including the device supply for OpenRazer within the terminal. In this information, we’ll center of attention on Fedora 28. However, there are device repositories to be had for Fedora 27 and 26. Replace “Fedora 28” together with your free up within the instructions underneath.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

After including the OpenRazer device supply, upload the Polychromatic one too.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

Finally, set up each Openrazer and Polychromatic:

sudo dnf set up openrazer-meta polychromatic


To set up the Polychromatic instrument on OpenSUSE, and upload each the OpenRazer and Polychromatic device assets to the device.

sudo zypper addrepo


sudo zypper addrepo

Update the device assets for Zypper with the refresh instrument.

sudo zypper refresh

Finally, set up OpenRazer and Polychromatic the use of zypper set up.

sudo zypper set up polychromatic openrazer-meta

Using Polychromatic

If you wish to have to modify the RGB lighting fixtures for your Razer tool, get started off by means of opening the Polychromatic instrument. As it opens up, you will have to in an instant see choices to be had for a number of various kinds of supported units. Provided that the OpenRazer motive force is operating, you will have to have the ability to simply edit those settings.

polychromatic How To Configure Razer Gaming Peripherals On Linux With Polychromatic tips

Select “evaluate” to turn the Razer units hooked up and known by means of your Linux PC. Polychromatic will best will let you alter Razer units which can be hooked up to the device.

To alter a Razer tool, make a choice the tool title within the choices menu to open its settings window.

Inside the settings window, use Polychromatic to change lighting fixtures settings, alternate choices, and and so forth. Changing settings will have to routinely follow to the tool.

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