Google Play video series celebrates the creative minds behind the best Android games

The cell gaming business is the quickest rising and maximum profitable sector inside the wider world games business, with numerous new titles launched on a daily basis for Android units by the use of the Google Play Store.

Yet regardless of the marketplace’s meteoric upward push, we slightly ever get to look the creative procedure behind our favourite cell games, particularly when in comparison to their well-documented opposite numbers on console and PC.

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AAW-final-fantasy-xv-pocket-edition Google Play video series celebrates the creative minds behind the best Android games android

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Google is having a look to switch all that with a brand new video series referred to as First Person that it hopes will shine a focus on the proficient minds that paintings on a few of the best games to be had for Android units.

The series kicks off lately on YouTube with a trio of episodes specializing in three other artists. The first facilities on the ludicrously proficient voice actor Ashly Burch of Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange, and Borderlands 2 reputation.

first-person-ashly-burch-840x473 Google Play video series celebrates the creative minds behind the best Android games android

Burch, additionally recognized for her irreverent antics in the comedy internet series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?, not too long ago starred as Nebula in Telltale Games’ episodic tackle the Guardians of the Galaxy license. In the video, Burch recounts the second she knew she sought after to be a voice actor (enjoying Metal Gear Solid) and the way she approached the function of Marvel’s villainous cyborg.

The 2nd showcases the paintings and mindset of Bennett Foddy, the writer of punishingly tricky games like QWOP and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, and the way mentioned games was this kind of hit amongst the YouTube gaming group.

The ultimate episode specializes in Vassiliki Khonsari, one part of the creative group at iNK Stories which evolved the politically charged 1979 Revolution: Black Friday and extra not too long ago Fire Escape — an award-winning interactive VR series for Google Daydream.

You can stay monitor of the series via subscribing to the legit Google Play YouTube channel and heading to the playlist right here.

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