A Great Retro Cartoon from the 90’s

To me an very hilarious Animation from the mid-late 1990’s is known as: Donkey Kong Country, which many fanatics of the Show known as: Donkey Kong Country and The Legend of the Crystal Coconut. It is terribly Hilarious, Zany and really Decent Quality CGI Animation for the period of time. It follows the hero DK and his sidekick Diddy of their Adventures to Protect the Crystal Coconut from King Ok. Rool and his Reptile Minions. There is a number of peculiar transitions into humorous Musical Numbers. Overall I give the sequence an 11/10. It ran for Two Seasons, with a complete of Forty to Fifty-Two Episodes. That are Approx. Twenty-Two Minutes Long every. It is Definitely is value gazing only for the Hilarious Laughs. I’d suggest it to my Friends and Family. Personally, I believe that it is hilarious that Funky Kong has a Jamaican Accent.Some issues had been Changed from the Source Material, but it surely does not Hurt the Video Games in any respect. The Series being from the 1990’s and Early Millennium, was once additionally handiest Broadcast in Standard Definition. If you Like the Nostalgia you’ll be able to Purchase the sequence on Apple iTunes or Amazon Video.

YouTube Video – TV Show Intro:

YouTube Playlists – Full Episodes:
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